Exercise 1.2 - Web Improvement Feedback

Main Project Improvement for Case Study : National Park - Mono Web

Suggestions and Feedbacks

  • Improving the layout of the website
  • Improving the responsiveness of the website. For example, mobile first
  • Working on the image size
  • Modifying the margin and padding accordingly to give negative space
  • Working on the color and typeface for the entire website
  • Overall Feedback

    The website looks good and functional. Everyone suggests that I should try to reogranise the CSS layout and a few touch up on buttons and navigation menu.

    Plan for Improvement

  • Analyzing all the elements on the website
  • Research and determine the new typeface and color choice
  • Review the image size used on the website and resize if neccessary
  • Review the layout structure and modify to align all elements of website
  • Redesign the photo gallery
  • Review the maps and weather feature and find the alternative solution to optimize the fuctionality of feature
  • Finally, review the navigation menu and adjust the neccessaries